Easily create custom networks 

for your meeting rooms!

Our revolutionary i-Hotel Conference Tool is designed to allow staff without specialized IT or WIFI expertise to create customized networks for customers in your meeting rooms or convention space. 

  • Has your banquet manager or meeting coordinator come to you with a customer request asking to create a separate network just for one group or event? 
  • Have you wanted to provide a customized captive portal specifically for a meeting or set specific speed limits for a meeting?
  • Has it been difficult or impossible to obtain the help needed to configure the network to meet a specific group's demands?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then the i-Hotel Conference Tool is the solution for you!


  • Cloud-based platform communicates with your
    i-Hotel HSIA Gateway and reprograms wireless controllers and wired switches based on your scheduled meetings  
  • Easy-to-use 5-step wizard allows creation of custom networks for meetings   
  • Schedule custom networks that will automatically be created and removed according to your meeting schedule
  • Multi-User: create staff access codes and obtain activity audit reports
  • Multi-Hotel: if you own multiple hotels, configure meetings in any hotel easily and quickly
  • Increase your meeting space revenue by providing custom networks or bill services according to number of users, Internet speed provided, etc. 
  •  For each meeting, you can customize:  
  • Meeting SSID  
  • Optional WPA password  
  • Captive portal look & feel & landing page URL 
  • Set global conference speed limits for users groups within the conference 
  • Maximum number of customer devices allowed  
  • Decide whether conference can use only WIFI, only wired connections or both 
  • Guest device statistics and meeting bandwidth usage graphs 
  • Meeting bandwidth threshold email alerts