Non-contact multi-symptom screening

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Non-contact multi-symptom screening camera

A cloud connected (Wi-Fi/LTE) thermal camera with integrated radar that automatically reads temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate within seconds up to 2-3 meters away. No user intervention, personal information or any contact is required, and the camera is equipped with a top "dome" that flashes yellow while measuring than switches to green to communicate that the screening results are normal, or red when abnormal. A cloud-based dashboard allows you to remotely monitor historical screenings results and the last scan details. The rear of the camera is equipped with a touch screen that allows a local screener to monitor results in real-time. Cloud APIs allow to integrate the camera into data logging and entry-control systems, and the camera can be equipped with a pedestal floor or table mount.

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This product is currently in its final testing stages and will be available soon for purchase.

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No-Contact measurement

Temperature and
Fever detection

Heart Rate and Waveform

Respiratory Rate
and Waveform

AI Engine analysis and abnormality detection

Easy to use, compact and cost-effective

Completely anonymous to maintain privacy

Compact and

Dashboard preview

Official pricing to be released at a later date

Expected MSRP: $1995 USD plus a small monthly fee

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