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Why equip your building with Wi-Fi?

To increase your income and the value of your building

  • Increase your income from $25 to $50 per unit per month directly upon signing the lease or through our credit card debit system

  • Increase the value of your building up to $9,000 per unit while providing additional service to your tenants

To offer the Internet to your tenants

  • Make your building more attractive to tenants

  • Increase your monthly income

  • Your tenants will be able to benefit from Internet access in common areas, training rooms, swimming pools, terraces, lounges, garages, rooms for rent or shared rooms

To equip your building with a reliable network for the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Benefit from a reliable Wi-Fi network available everywhere to add IoT to serve your building: automatic water valve closing systems, wireless cameras, electronic locks, leak / temperature detectors, home automation, etc.

We take care of everything (or almost!)

Equipment & installation

  • Intello installs all the necessary equipment on site (Wi-Fi equipment, switches, etc.)

  • In some cases, we are able to install without passing new cables

  • You choose the Internet service provider for the building

24/7/365 dedicated technical support

  • 24/7 toll-free technical support line for your tenants (and you of course!)

  • Remote equipment monitoring ensures that your tenants will always have access to the Internet

  • Our qualified technical team, based in Quebec, ensures that your network is always at its best

Owner's Dashboard

  • We provide a portal allowing you to monitor the status of the Internet system in each of your buildings.

Why choose Intello over another supplier?

Our Wi-Fi expertise

Founded in 2003, we are experts in Wi-Fi solutions, having delivered more than 3000 projects over the years. We serve over 125,000 doors across North America. Our clients include renowned hotels, all-inclusives, MDUs, condos, senior residences and student residences.

Quebec-based tech support

Our experienced Quebec-based support team assures bilingual support 24/7/365. We offer very favorable working conditions, and thus, enjoy excellent employee retention. Stop being just a number, and build a relationship with us as a partner for your success.

Tools for owners

  • Reinforce your brand image: your system's onboarding portal will reflect your image (your name, logo, background image, etc.)

  • Your cloud portal allows you to monitor the state of the Internet system in each of your buildings 24 / 7 (condition of Wi-Fi equipment, internet usage)

  • Create your own internet packages for your tenants, and decide whether you prefer to collect the income yourself or use our credit card billing platform

Frequently asked questions

Question: When is the best time to plan to add a Wi-Fi solution to my building?
Answer: During construction, because it is easier to plan the necessary wiring, location of equipment, etc., and it's easier to incorporate the latest technologies that will provide the best performance. In addition, there is less chance that a tenant will use their own internet provider if your service is already in place.

Question: Is it possible to install a Wi-Fi solution in an existing building?
Answer: Yes! It is often possible to reuse certain types of cables already in place. Sometimes you have to add wiring. Whether it's fiber, Ethernet, telephone or coaxial cable, if you have cables that are not being used, we have technologies that allow them to be used and thus avoid having to pass new ones.

Question: How much does the installation cost?
Answer: It all depends on your building, the size of the units and whether it is possible to reuse existing wiring. We will provide you with a detailed quote based on your specific building.

Question: Where is the Wi-Fi equipment installed?
Answer: We recommend installing the equipment directly in your tenants' units, which helps ensure better signal penetration. It is also possible to install in the hallways. The equipment we use can be installed on the wall over a standard telecommunications plate (eg: network, coax or telephone socket). It cannot be unplugged by tenants and does not require a power outlet.

Question: What is a unified Wi-Fi network?
Answer: A Wi-Fi network in which all the devices are all from a single brand and all connected to a controller that allows monitoring and configuration all the devices together. A unified network allows to have a single network, managed and optimized vs. dozens of independent networks competing for RF (radio-frequency) space. A unified network is usually going to be a little more expensive than independent networks (but not always), but will provide a better network in terms of performance, security and management.

Question: What are the advantages of a unified Wi-Fi network rather than letting residents each install their own Internet router?
Answer: There are several reasons (revenue, possibility and adding business or IoT solutions), but one of the most important reasons is performance.

  • Each resident router broadcasts its own Wi-Fi network (SSID). As soon as there are more than 2 or 3 SSIDs present in a building, the performance of all Wi-Fi networks in your building is reduced (technical explanation available here). Our solution only uses one or two SSIDs for your entire building, making it possible to optimize the Wi-Fi network.

  • Individual routers do not work together, even they compete on the RF (radio frequency) side. This is especially the case when the models or brands differ from resident to resident. Our solutions include devices that “talk” to each other and exchange connection information, helping optimize the Wi-Fi network rather than having the devices compete with one another.

  • If you install your own Wi-Fi network for your internal needs, it will also compete with the residents' Wi-Fi routers.

Question: I already tried to put a unified network in my building, but there were security issues (all devices could see each other, or none of the devices could communicate with each other preventing casting, wireless printing, etc.) . How do you address this problem?
Answer: We are building a network that allows “per resident” security to be installed: all devices of a resident can communicate with each other, but cannot communicate with devices of other residents. In addition, with the latest technology (PAN and PSK), we are able to set up an encryption key (WPA2) per resident even if we only use 1 or 2 SSIDs. Most solutions are limited to a single encryption key per SSID, therefore requiring 1 SSID per residence (which creates performance problems as indicated above).

Question: Does your solution allow residents to use a wireless printer, to “cast” their devices to a Chromecast, FireTV or smart TV?
Answer: Yes, absolutely!