Have peace of mind with a network compatible with a multitude of solutions

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A Wi-Fi Network should be planned!

Wi-Fi networks designed by Intello Technologies allow you to maximize the efficiency of your connected solutions thanks to an unparalleled Wi-Fi infrastructure. Enjoy the added benefits of good network planning and peerless reliability from the following compatible connected solutions:

Surveillance Cameras

Smart lighting

Smart valves

Smart thermostats

Electronic locks

Home automation (IoT)

Partner solutions

VoIP by Intello

Opt for our IP telephony (VoIP) solution and switch to cutting edge technology, completely eliminating bulky and expensive traditional PBXs at the same time.

Nowa 360

Nowa 360 smart valves and wireless leak detection systems allow you to detect and control water leaks so you can have peace of mind.

LOC International

Founded in 1988, LOC International is a supplier of electronic locks, but also distributes several other solutions to over 8,000 satisfied customers in North America.

HCN - Guest room tablets

HCN tablet technology makes it possible to combine several essential devices into one inexpensive interactive solution.


TraknProtect is a real-time tracking platform that provides more security for your employees as well as tracking your inventory.


Verdant smart thermostats use a real-time occupancy sensing system to save energy without compromise.

Philips Lifeline

Easy to use, Lifeline is a medical alert service that allows you to call for help anytime, day or night, even if you can't speak.


Multi-dwelling units

Retirement homes

Student residences