To order additional tent cards for your guest rooms, please call 888-404-6268 x408 during normal business hours (M-F, 9-5 EST), or send an email to

100 pack tent cards are available for purchase for $95 +taxes. 

Shipping within Canada is included. 

Contact us for shipping to US locations.

In 2016, the tent cards were redesigned and new models were released.

The following models are now available:

  • Instructions for guest rooms equipped with Wi-Fi-only (English only)
  • Instructions for guest rooms equipped with Wi-Fi & Wired installation (English only)
  • Instructions for guest rooms equipped with Wi-Fi-only installations (English & French)
  • Instructions for guest rooms equipped with Wi-Fi & Wired installation (English & French)

All versions list both US and Canadian support numbers.

Model numbers are listed under each tent card to facilitate re-ordering.

Please note that we only provide i-Hotel branded tent cards.

Certain hotel chains (such as Marriott and IHG) require special tent cards that can be ordered directly from the hotel chain.

** While stocks last, the previous version of the tent cards are available at a 50% discount. 

Ordering i-Hotel guest room instruction tent cards




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